Paleo Low Carb
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Time for Paleo

Yikes! Today I stepped on the scale for the first time in a long time and the result was worse than I even expected; 99.6kg!! Almost 100kg (that’s roughly 220 pounds for those of you not on the metric system). Given that I’m only 1.78 (5’10), and the weight is definitely not  muscle, it’s time to make a change.

Granted, technically I started making that change about 1.5 weeks ago when I went to the gym for the first time in ages but I know enough about nutrition (yeah, I too wonder how the heck it got this bad while I know enough about nutrition) and exercise to know that just working out won’t cut it.

So why Paleo? Well, why not. You’ve got to do something, right?

More seriously though, in the past I’ve had good results when I was eating the Atkins way (the original Atkins way, not the current “buy all our crazy products’ Atkins way). Not only did I lose weight and feel better but my blood test results improved dramatically. Looking at Paleo I found that I can do it pretty much the same way as I did Atkins.

For me there will be only 2 big differences compared to Atkins. No processed food at all and no dairy at all. I said those would be the  2 big differences for me but technically those differences aren’t really that big. I have always preferred ‘whole’ foods to processed foods  (and contrary to popular believe, that is what the good doctor recommended). And no dairy won’t  be a big change compared to Atkins either as all I used to eat in that category was cheese. Although time will have to tell I think I can manage to survive by  changing my  ham and cheese omelette to another kind of omelette that doesn’t have cheese as one of it’s ingredients.

I guess there will actually be a 3rd difference. More fruit. Or rather, more fruit from the start. While doing Atkins you start adding fruit back inas you go through the phases but during the induction phase there is no fruit. I’ll have to see how much fruit I’ll add but I think adding a bit will make my workout recoveries go just a bit smoother.

To be honest, the fruit was one of the main reasons behind my decision to give Paleo a try. Not eating fruit always seemed a bit strange to me (although I do understand Atkins’ reasoning for limiting it) so I want to see if it affects my weight loss or not.  Time will tell and I’ll keep you posted here.