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Paleo Running Exercise workout
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2 Weeks ago I started going to the gym again. I hadn’t been there in ages and was almost surprised that I remembered what it looked like and what everything was for 🙂

After 2 weeks I have made some progress though. Weight training isn’t progressing as fast as I’d like it to just yet but I guess growing up in the “running era” created some muscle memory. On my second day in the gym I did a Cooper test. Just to see where I stood. Let me tell you, it wasn’t all that pretty. I barely made the “bad” category. How barely you ask? Well, for my age category “bad” starts at 1400m (about 1530 yards for you crazy non metric people 😉 ). Guess what I made? That’s right, 1400m. So I managed to keep myself out of the “very bad” category with pretty much a single step (give or take a couple, the treadmill measures per 100m).

So today I did the test another time and ran 2100m (you non metric people can do the conversion yourself this time. I suggest dividing the previous conversion by 2 and multiplying it by 3 🙂 ). So was this good? Well, that depends. First of all it’s a 50% improvement over 2 weeks. I’m quite pleased with that. Secondly, it just got me into the “good” category. Granted, by the same margin as I made it into the “bad” category but still, I skipped “average”. So all in all I’m quite pleased.

So how did I manage to get this result so quickly? Interestingly enough I did exactly what is recommended in The Paleo Solution but without knowing it was recommended. Interval training!

Back in the days (when I was young, strong and healthy) I did a lot of martial arts. And one thing we always had to do was interval training. As I’ve never been much of a long distance runner anyway (I get bored rather easily) I went to back to what I knew (and didn’t hate that much), slow, fast, slow, fast, slow, fast. And it worked!

I’m going to try again in 2 weeks to see where I’ll stand then. I don’t expect to make it to “very good’ (2500m), although that would be nice, but I should be able to put down a very decent “good” by then.

So if you don’t come back before then, make sure you come and if  another 2 weeks of interval can make a difference.

Until then, have fun!

PS. Yes, I know this dates me 😉