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That was the first thing a friend of mine asked after she  had read my post about me giving Paleo a try. About 40 minutes later another friend asked me pretty much the same thing so I decided to make life easy on myself (most likely more people will ask) and post my answer here.

Disclaimer: I’m only on my first book (The Paleo Solution). Anybody that knows me even a little bit knows that I get pretty obsessed about things I take an interest in (seriously, my head is full of pretty much useless info) so I am not claiming to be an authority. So given that this is only the first book I’m reading my opinion (and thus my answer) might change at some future point in time. With that out of the way, here goes…

Who cares? No, no, seriously… who cares?

– But you said you were going to do Paleo so you have to know! And as you have to know I challenge you to explain it to me! Or are you saying you don’t know what you’re getting into?

Do I have to know? I have an opinion but like I said, this is all new for me. Ah well, as I like my friends, here is my explanation; Paleo is not about eating and living exactly the way our ancestors lived (dude, I like visiting caves but I’m not going to live in one). I know… Shocker right? 😉

That said, it is living more in line with how our bodies are supposed to be treated. In short that comes down to eating whole foods that we (humans at large, exceptions not included) that we don’t have allergic reactions to and that aren’t harmful to us. Similar to what our ancestors seem to have done (see what I did there, “similar to”.. not “the same as” 😉 ) Aside from that, Mother Nature/your own mother/God/Yehowa/Allah/<insert deity of choice>* gave you a skeleton with a muscular structure (yes, there is more to it but for brevity’s sake I’m simplifying). Those muscles were meant to be active so… activate them (walking from the breakfast table to the car in your garage does not count as being active 😉 ). So that’s it. Paleo means, at least to me, treating your body the way Mother Nature/your own mother/God/Yehowa/Allah/<insert deity of choice>* most likely intended it to be treated. In short, be good to your body.

But… but.. but… if that’s the case why did they call it “Paleo” rather than “treat your body the way it’s supposed to be treated”?

I’m just guessing here but… cause it’s more catchy? And let’s face it, and here I’m going to go back to what I said before, who cares? I for sure don’t. Turkeys come from North America, not from Turkey. Earth, fire, air and water are called elements but they’re not elements at all. Delft’s blauw (Delft blue) comes from China. I could go on for a while but I guess my point should be clear by now. Perhaps a better name could have been chosen but it doesn’t matter. A name is just used to describe something. And as Paleo has become the word to describe a particular way of living (not just eating as some people seem to think 😉 ), just take it for what it is (a name) and move on.

That’s pretty much all I have to say on the topic. I hope it satisfied your curiousity. If not, feel free to call it something else. Just let me know you’re using a different word to describe the same thing or I might get confused :). And who knows, maybe I will give you another answer after I’ve read the other books on my list. Maybe… for now though,  you’ll just have to settle for this.

Have a great day!


*please choose whatever is s most applicable to your situation.

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