In general cardio is something that is frowned upon in the Paleo community. One of the arguments is that our ancestors wouldn’t have used anything like that. I’m not sure I agree with that though. Even now there are still tribes in africa that hunt by wearing their prey down. 12+ mile runs are not the exception when that happens. Now I don’t know about you but most people I know are going to be running at least 2 hours to do that. To me that appears the conventional Paleo wisdom. But once again, I’m new to this so I might change my opinion as I read up on things.

Then there are also programs like Insanity. There is no denying that Insanity is a cardio program but at the same time, it is also a form of  interval training. Granted, extreme interval training but interval training nonetheless. So would that make it ok again as interval training is looked at favourably?

My plan was actually to start Insanity next week. That said, that plan was made before I started Paleo. Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s perfectly possible to combine Paleo with Insanity. That said, I have opted to start out with a relatively low carb version of Paleo. And having done Insanity before I know I won’t be able to complete the program (at least not in a proper way) while I’m restricting my carb intake.

Aside from that I’m still at the beginning of my strength training and I think that adding Insanity to that will lead to overtraining. So given those 2 things Insanity is basically out of the question for me. At least, for now.

But, BeachBody was nice enough to offer a solution for my problem. They just released Shaun T’s new workout program called Focus T25. As the name implies it consists of 25 minute workouts. 25 minutes of focused workouts. And unlike Insanity these workouts are continuous (no breaks) and it appears to be not nearly as intense as Insanity is. The timing works quite nicely as well as they are doing a 10 week challenge that started today. So far so good.

I’m quite curious to see how this goes and whether or not I’ll be able to integrate it into my current workout program while continuing eating Paleo. As always, I’ll keep you posted.