Salsa Party

Why I photograph Salsa Events.

Salsa photographyWait… Salsa events? Do you mean this has nothing to do with food???

No, it doesn’t. When I say Salsa photography I’m talking about taking pictures of the dance. Social dancing, shows, workshops (again, not food related 😉 ), etc. And yes, I understand that this will be a big disappointment to some of you. After all, who doesn’t love salsa (the food)!

I know. Some of you are heartbroken right now. Don’t worry though, given my paleo trend  there will be food posts at some time in the future. For now though you can dance those blues away. And who knows, if you chose salsa to do that,  I might just be there to take your picture 😉

So why do I do salsa photography? Well, I’ve already written about that here so feel free to check that out. I won’t repeat all that I said there (or it would be easier to just copy the article) but I did want to touch on it as I know not everybody reads my other blog.

Salsa PartyThe main reason I do so much salsa photography is because it gives me the chance to combine 2 things that are important to me; my passion for my work (photography) and my love for salsa (the dance and the music).

That’s it. Really, that’s what it all boils down to. I get to have even more fun doing what I love to do anyway. Now tell me that’s not a great way to spend your weekend. But there is even more. I often get to add a 3rd thing that I love…. travel!

I get to shoot events all over Europe. The Netherlands, Germany, Latvia, Poland and Estonia are some of the countries that were on last year’s list. This year I probably won’t be going to Latvia but instead I get to add the UK and France to the list so I still get to go all over Europe.

Salsa Brisa Echt PhotographerAnd as if that’s not enough there is another bonus. Every time I photograph a salsa event I get to hang out with friends again. Some of them I might have seen the week before but others I might not have seen for months or even longer.

So I get to travel to have fun doing what I love to do while hanging out with friends. That’s why I do so much salsa photography and let’s face it, I can’t really ask for much more than that.

So all that’s left for me to say is… Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to dance! Hope to see you again soon!

Ps, to read about some of the parties I’ve been at lately check the blog on my other site