Twingo Crash

Ok, so this will probably be a somewhat whiney post.

Twingo Crasha couple of months ago I crashed my car. I was fine (aside from a couple of superficial scratches) but my car was not quite as fine. As you can see from the pictures it’s become quite unusable ;). So what happened? I was on the motorway when I was coming up on a truck. I let go of the gas and … nothing. The car didn’t slow down at all. So I tried using the breaks and again, nothing. There was a car overtaking me in the left lane so switching lanes wasn’t an option either.

By now I was rapidly closing in on the truck and the car on my left had finally overtaken me. I say finally but it can’t have taken more than a few seconds. But as now there was space to go to the left I tried that. Alas, it was a good effort but came too late . I clipped the truck’s bumper, the car turned 90 degrees and rolled over. 3 rolls (or rather bounces) later I came to a stop. Luckily there was not other traffic coming in my lane so it all ended well.

So what the heck had happened? Well, we’re not exactly sure. The police officer suspects that it was the relatively thin aftermarket floor mat. Apparently they have a tendency to crumple up and wedge themselves beneath the pedals. The officer suspected that’s what happened (so check your floor mats). I won’t complain about that though as I got out of the car ok and that’s the main thing

That said though, after that I was stuck trying to get around by public transport.  Now I have to admit, public transport in the Netherlands, and especially in the Randstad is pretty good. Especially during the day. You can get anywhere and sometimes even faster than by car.

Unfortunately though, that doesn’t help me at all as I need to get around at night. Still it’s doable in the Randstad but then, although I technically still live in the Randstad, the area where I live happens to be  just outside of the area that is well connected by public transport.

So what does that mean? Well, let me give an example… If I have to go to Arnhem it takes me about 3.5 hours to get there (during daytime). Sure, that’s twice as long as by car but at least it’s doable. That said, it gets interesting when I want to come back. I finish photographing a salsa party between 3am and 4am and will be at the train station between 4am and 5am.  And that’s where the waiting starts.. the first train that I can take doesn’t run until 7:30am. So getting back home takes me between 6 and 7 hours! Altogether that’s 9.5 to 10.5 hours for a couple of hours in Arnhem…

And they can’t figure out why more people don’t use public transportation… Geez… I wonder….

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