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As some of you already know, I’m back in NL. For now anyway.

I’m here looking to start a new contract but we still have to iron out some minor details. Like me actually being allowed to work legally here. Or rather, work legally in a way that’s beneficial to everybody.

Smart in NLAs I moved away from the Netherlands it makes no sense for me to pay tax here but given recent changes in the law and the fact that nobody seems to know what they’re talking about anymore (at least nobody at the company that is supposed to know) it’s taking a bit longer than planned.

Enough about that though, work stuff is boring. So instead, let’s talk about every cloggie’s favourite topic, the weather.

We went from 27 degrees and sunny yesterday to 19 and raining now and it looks like we’ll hit 11 degrees again at the end of the week. Welcome to the Netherlands. If you ever wondered why your dutch friends are always talking about the weather, this is the main reason. It’s so bloody unpredictable.

I know, I know… you have it worse my Irish friends. You experience this type of weather in a week rather than a day. You’re used to it and we’re just whiny. To all of you I say:”Feel welcome to come here for your vacation. You’ll feel right at home :P”.

kboIt’s a shame though as it’s the weekend of both the KBO (Kiteboard Open) and the Limburg Salsa Festival. Although this might turn out to be a good thing for the KBO (there might actually be wind) it won’t be as good for the LSF as they have a beach party planned for Sunday. Then again, the LSF is in Limburg and who knows, maybe we’ll get a break with the weather there. If that’s the case this could still turn out to be an awesome weekend for everybody !

Have a great week and keep your fingers crossed for us !