Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

Bose noise canceling headphones

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Bose Noise Canceling Headphones sideI’ve been wanting to write about my Bose noise canceling headphones for a while now and today a friend’s post reminded me of that. I love them! (Both my friends and my headphones 😉 .)

Flying can be exhausting enough all by itself. Sure, when you are going on holiday you’re excited and it doesn’t really matter that much. That is if you got to have a good night’s sleep before you left. But when you travel for work or you have night/ early morning flight you’ll usually want to get some rest on the plane. Nobody likea arrivng exhausted at their destination after all.

So, how can you possibly get any rest if you are unlucky enough to be on a plane with screaming kids I don’t know about you, but I tried ear plugs and they just didn’t help. I also tried listening to my music really loud and that didn’t help. Not only are kid’s lungs apparently stronger than my music is, I can’t sleep when I have music on really loud. Then, at the recommendation of a good friend,  I decided to spend some money on Bose noise canceling headphones. Ok, quite a bit of money really. At almost $300 they were not cheap. B,but I figured I could always return them anyway if I didn’t like them.  I ended up buying them while I was in Vienna for a festival there. Mainly because the flight to Vienna had been horrible and I came off the plane with a screaming headache. Not the best way to start a festival.

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones FrontObviously, I bought the Bose noise canceling headphones  for flights. But in Vienna, before even taking another flight, I came to find they are multi-functional. I was staying in a hotel (Yes, I travel as cheap as I can. See “How can I afford to travel?“) with some other people. And, we all snored! (Yes, I did too although that didn’t bother me.). As it turned out the Bose noise canceling headphones cancel that out as well. Awesome! I got a good night’s sleep which meant me and the headphones were off to a good start!

Then, after the weekend, came the first  flight test and… nothing. That is to say, they definitely worked and canceled out noise but there were no kids on the flight so I didn’t get to test them fully. Still, even sitting all the way in the back of the plane (I prefer it there, maybe I’ll explain why another time) all the planes sounds (including the engine noise) were canceled out which was lovely already.

On one of my next flights I actually got to test the Bose noise canceling headphones properly. At some point during the flight, I saw all people around me turn and look towards the same point somewhere in the back in the plane. As that made me curious I turned around as well and took my headphones off. Big mistake. As soon as I did a high-pitched sound cut through my head. Alas,  it was an unhappy baby. Poor little kid. Apparently it didn’t like flying very much and mom just couldn’t get him/her quiet. So I put my headphones back on and all was well in the world again. While people around me were still looking very unhappy I just went back to my movie and enjoyed watching that till the end.

So are these headphones perfect? No, the downside of the Bose noise canceling headphones is that, because they are “over ear headphones”, they are quite large. And, if I like me, you are traveling with a lot of stuff already this can be annoying. It’s just another thing to carry around when you already have enough things with you. That was also the reason that, after a couple of flights, I decided to also buy the Bose in-ear noise canceling earbuds.  But I guess I’ll write about those and other time. I like those as well but, especially for longer flights. I still prefer the regular over ear Bose noise canceling headphones, even though they are a bit more cumbersome to carry around.Bose Noise Canceling Headphones Complete Set

So, I definitely recommend these Bose noise canceling headphones to everybody. Like already said, they are not cheap which I know can be prohibitive. If I had to choose between a couple of flights and these headphones I’m not quite sure which I would pick either. But if you travel regularly you’ll really come to appreciate these headphones as you’ll arrive so much happier at your destination. And they come with an adapter so you can to watch movies on the plane. No need to use the headphones provided by the airline. Yes, they are cleaned in between flights but who knows what “cleaned” really means in this context (please, comment if you do know). And they’re easy to get. You pick them up at any major electronics store or you can have them delivered right to you door by clicking this link,  pretty much anywhere in the world.