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A town you may have never heard of and the name of which you can struggle to pronounce at first. I know that was true for me when I first arrived here. 

And I have to say, it’s a shame we don’t know about this wonderful, quaint, town. So let’s find out a bit more about it.


Druskininkai on the map

Druskininkai is a town in the South-West of Lithuania, near the Polish and Belarusian borders.

Although the first written mention of Druskininkai “only” dates back to 1636 it was already inhabited by local tribes in the early middle ages.

Druskininkai spas

Druskininkai ParkModern day Druskininkai is not very big (home to less than 25,000 people) but it is a very popular tourist destination. It’s especially famous for it’s spas. And the Druskininkai spas have been famous for centuries already.

Ever since the late 18th century people believe that the minerals in the waters of the Druskininkai region have health benefits. And, they use them to treat asthma and other problems.

As the Druskininkai spas are still around a couple of hundred years later there might actually be something to that. It definitely won’t hurt to try the Druskininkai spas and find out for yourself.

Druskininkai tourism

Druskinkai riverAs early as 1837, czar Nicholas I of Russia bestowed the status of “spa” on Druskininkai. Construction of pensions and hostels started and the town first became a tourist destination. And over the years it’s proven that it is a popular destination. 

That said, popular is relative. And like I already said, there is a good chance you didn’t hear of Druskininkai yet.

Although famous as a resort town among people in the region (including Russia, Belarus and Poland), it’s fame hasn’t necessarily spread to the rest of the world yet. Sure, some people know of the Druskininkai spas but the large majority doesn’t. And I don’t know whether that’s a good or a bad thing.

It’s good because the town isn’t overrun by tourists from the west and has an authentic quality. But it’s bad as we miss out on a wonderful destination.

Druskininkai RiverDruskininkai offers more than just the Druskininkai spas. Even without those it is a lovely town, surrounded by beautiful nature. It is definitely a beautiful place to go and relax for a while.

Granted, it might not be ideal for those who are looking to party. But it’s perfect for busy professionals who need to de-stress from their hectic daily lives. And just as perfect for everybody else who looks to relax for a while.

Visitors can go there and discover a different spa every day. Just that makes for a lovely vacation already. But there’s more. 

Druskininkai snow arena

Aside from the spas, Druskininkai also has one of Europe’s largest snow arenas and the Druskininkai snow arena is open year round.

So if you want to take a break from relaxing (it happens) you can just go ski or snowboard in the Druskininkai snow arena for a while.  

Druskininkai Snow Arena
By Italas – Lithuanian Wikipedia, Public Domain

The Druskininkai snow arena has 2 indoor alpine skiing tracks and one outdoor tracks, a snow park, several bars, a restaurant and a bakery. And for those of you with children, there is a play park for them as well.

The Druskininkai snow is a modern arena and the slopes are covered with high-quality snow. This snow is made without chemicals and bacterial additives which aligns well with the town’s health image.

And don’t worry if you didn’t bring your own equipment. Visitors can rent anything they need at the rental point in the Druskininkai snow arena.

Druskininkai water park (agua park)

Aside from that, Druskininkai is also home to the 30 000-square-meter Druskininkai Water Park. This complex is described as an oasis of entertainment and recreation.

With a tropical temperature of 32 degrees Celcius (about 90 Fahrenheit), 9 meter tall palm trees, clear blue swimming pools, 22 saunas, bathhouses the Druskininkai Water Park is another great place to unwind from the daily stress of life. 

Druskininkai Aqua Park Water Park
licensed under CC-Author Arz

The “aquatic entertainment” area of the Druskininkai Water Park covers 9000 square meters (about 2.2 acres). This is where you’ll find the pool area with:

  • a swimming pool with sea waves
  • a swift spring
  • a grand aqua park
  • swimming pool with rocks
  • whirlpool baths of several floors
  • water cascades
  • hydro-massage currents

The Druskininkai Water Park also has a slide tower with 6 different slides, both closed and open. The longest of these slides is 212 meter! Great fun for kids and adults alike.

But if you want something else, no problem. You can also go bowling in the Druskininkai Water Park. Or just relax while enjoying a massage in the water park’s spa centers (yes, they’re everywhere including here). To top it off, there are some bathhouses in the Druskininkai Water Park that are said to be good for your health so try those while you are there. 

With all that, it’s easy to enjoy yourself while you spend your day here. 

Druskininkai nature

Druskininkai lake natureAnd if you prefer to unwind outdoors, Druskininkai is located in a forest, has beautiful flower gardens, parks, several lakes and two rivers within its limits. It’s the perfect place to enjoy leisurely (or brisk, active) walks and just enjoy nature. 

I loved my walk around the lake. It’s nice and quiet and the views are amazing. A nice way to spend some time. But if you prefer, you can also rent a water-bike and go on the lake instead. Or you rent a Segway or a bicycle and go explore on that instead.  

Whichever way you choose, you’ll have a great time!


Drusininkai market stall nature products

Druskininkai is a great place to go and unwind for a while.

Visitors can fully de-stress and recharge their batteries while they are here. Something that is very nice, and often even necessary, given the hectic pace of life these days.

So definitely go there if you have the chance. I know I will be back for sure.